Welcome to the all new Carp Fishing UK website.

Carp angling has been a passion for the sites owner, Si... who began his angling career at the age of 4. When he began angling on the rivers in Norfolk, he then moved onto bigger waters including many day ticket waters in Norfolk and Cambrideshire. He has fished many different waters in the past 25 years and he dedicates Carp Fishing UK to all anglers out there. Si`s motto for the site is "Carp Fishing UK - made by carp anglers, for carp anglers".

Carp Fishing UK`s aim is to provide you the best carp angling information website on the internet, we hope to provide a user friendly, easy to navigate angling website with plenty of information for carp anglers of all experiences.

Whether you`re a beginner or a veteran fisherman, Carp Fishing UK has something for you.

We have a discussion forum where you can chat about angling to other carp anglers, ask or reply to angling questions, have friendly banter and fun in the various angling sections.

We have product reviews, angling articles, angling venues plus lots lots more on the site, with more being constantly added as you read this.

Over the next few months you will see some new and exciting features which will hopefully make Carp Fishing UK one of the biggest angling sites, if not the biggest carp angling website on the internet.

Whilst we are changing some sections on the site, you may find that some of the links lead you to an error page, or to the forum, this is normal and they will be fixed when we have finished working on the section in question.

We are looking for new angling product reviews, angling articles, fishing venues, entries for the fishing glossary and anything else about carp angling that you`d like to see on the site.
So if you have any of the above which you`d like to see on the site, then please add them by clicking on the "Add" links in each corresponding section.

Enough chat from me, lets all enter the site and enjoy the angling content and chat about carp angling on the forums.



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